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Kids P.O.V.

December 3rd, 2012 - 7:00pm

I stretched out my arms, yawning loudly. Looking around, I noticed everything was perfect and then...


The door swung open and Paddy's voice emerged. 'Yep Kid?' She giggled quietly.

'W-who moved....?’ I gulped 'Who moved my painting?!'

'Whaaa?' I saw that she was desperate to laugh and I just exploded. Tears ran down my face, mixed with blood.


She burst out laughing.

'Paddy, what's up with Kid?'

'Oh it's nothing Liz. I guess the new maid must have nudged Kid's painting.'

'N-new... Maid?' My eye twitched and I jumped up, pointing to Paddy I spoke. 'Paddy, when did we get a new maid?!'

She shrugged and pouted, 'I dunno. Liz wouldn't tell me.'

I jumped over Paddy's head and into the living room, then realized I was wearing socks.

'3, 2, 1... Kid, stop falling into the wall.'

I slammed into the wall face first, then fall backwards groaning.

'Kid! You made me ruin my nail!! Now I have to start all over again... Ugh.'

I ran straight over and pulled at her cheeks 'Well I wouldn't have to do this if you didn't hire the new maid.'

'Well maybe I wouldn't have hired a maid if you hadn't complained about the three stripes in your hair all the time.'

My jaw dropped and I ran into the corner, rocking back and forth.

'Stupid Liz and Paddy being meanies... I am symmetrical aren't I Mr Hand?' My voice came out higher pitched and funnier 'Yes Kid, you're symmetrical. Thanks Mr Hand, I knew I could rely on you.'

Then I heard it- an elegant voice with a trace of Russian in the voice.

'Excuse me, Miss Liz, would you like me to do anything for you?'

'Sure. Colour coordinate my nail varnish and try not to spill any this time ________'

I heard a sigh and then a squeal.

I shook my head and focused. 'YOU'RE RUSSIAN AND IT'S AMAZING AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IT AND... AND... AND...'

I realized I was straddled over the maid and she was struggling under my grasp. My jaw trembled as she began to speak in her perfect accent.

'Please Sir, let go of me.' She writhed and began to blush, whimpering under my grip.
I slid forward up to her face, my legs closing together behind me. I put my nose into her [your h/c here] hair and inhaled deeply. I began to whisper in her ear seductively, twisting my words enchantingly.

'Your hair smells amazing Miss _______. My I have some more from you?'

She gasped and whimpered. 'Please Sir, I can't....' Her voice trailed off and she winced then turned her head to her left.

'OW!' I jumped up and turned around. 'Liz!! What was that for?!'

'Kid, you're scaring the maid. She doesn't come here to be harassed!'

'I wasn't harassing her!' I turned to my head to look over at her. 'Was I?' Then I realized what I'd done.

The layers of her skirt were messed up, the bows undone; the corset that was attached to the dress was pulled down further than usual, exposing more of her chest. I could see that the long black sleeves were twisted and the puffed top of them were twisted the opposite way. Her hair was falling around her as she remained on the floor, curled up on the floor.

I walked over to the left of her and grabbed the black headband then headed in her direction.

She sat up, regaining her senses and opened her eyes timedly.

I could see the fear hiding in the pupils of them, as the rest of her [your e/c here] glinted beautifully in the light.

I closed my eyes and shook my head.

'Miss,' My voice scared her, I could tell by her quiet but audible whimper 'I'm very sorry that I scared you. Here.' I leaned towards her and watched as she closed her eyes expecting me to come on to her.

I almost did give into the temptation to do so, but I gently placed the hairband on her head and stood up.

'Now, if you'll excuse me- I must leave to get some more sleep.'

Her eyes had flickered open before I had walked away, and that's why I had turned so suddenly.

December 10th, 2012 - 11:00pm

I pulled the pillow closer to my face as tears began to run down my face. Why had I done that to her when I only just met her?! I didn't understand what was going on. I'm Death The Kid for goodness sake- I'm not some uncontrollable psycho.

I shouldn't feel like this towards her, she's not even a member of the Academy! She was beautiful and amazing, the way her gaze locked upon you, the way she bit her soft lips tenderly, the way her hair glittered under the lights, her figure and that beautiful accent that could send shivers down your spine every single time you heard it.

Am I falling for _______?

The thought kept crossing my mind, refusing to budge an inch. It was beginning to frustrate me and I hated to be mad because it goes against everything I stand for.
I screamed into my pillow once again, punched it repeatedly and began to drift away into the land of dreams.

December 24th, 2012 - 10:00am

I awoke to the click of a door and some light footsteps. I shook my head, trying not to remember the dream that had danced through my head since the 10th. Just forget it.
I sat up immediately and I heard the figure gasp loudly.

Clicking on the two lamps next to me, I grabbed the two spare handguns of the tables they stood on and pointed them in the direction of the intruder.

'_______? What are you doing here?'

'Sir, I am- how you say- sorry? I did not mean to alarm you. I just wished to sit here, da?'

Her eyes melted my heart and I gave in instantly.

'Of course you may.' I blushed furiously, the thought of a girl watching me sleep- especially this girl- drove me insane. 'I'm sorry about what happened earlier, you know. I didn't mean it...' I looked away, trying not to make eye contact.

'Oh, don't worry,' She tilted her head to the side, closed her eyes and smiled sweetly, why does this happen to me?! 'I'm used to it- my brother used to harass me all the time.'

My mouth dropped. 'Y-your brother?! What's that about?!' I put my hands over my mouth, shocked that I'd let the words escape.

'No worries, da Kid? He was pretty messed up- psychotic almost. But I suppose he did it to deal with everything in his life, it wasn't easy for him. Anyways good morning kid.'
I giggled slightly, and she blushed.

'What? What's wrong, I did something stupid didn't I?'

'Oh no! I didn't mean to embarrass you. Did you mean good night?'

Her cheeks turned a beautiful shade of red and I smiled at her.

She nodded, retaining her voice.

'Hey ______?'


'How come you're so pretty?'

Her eyes evaded my gaze and I stood up and walked over to her.

Standing in front of her, I placed my hands on her shoulders. I leaned over so that I could whisper into her ear and spoke.

'You, and your Russian accent, are beautiful. Would you both do me a huge favour and become my girlfriend beautiful?'

***************------------------------------- 1 Year Later -------------------------------***************

Your P.O.V.

December 24th, 2012 - 10:00pm

You sigh, exhaustion filling every cell of your body.

'Kid, don't worry! I'll sort out the table tomorrow morning.' Even though you'd been here for a year, you're Russian accent had grown stronger and Kid loved it.

'Well, ______, you know I would but I need it to be perfect.' You heard his footsteps patter on the floor.

You giggled quietly and felt his soft breath on the back of your neck.

'Kid, you know that it annoys me when you breath down my neck, da?'

He let out a deep but quiet giggle and inhaled the scent of your hair.

'You know I don't like this shampoo,' He flicked the back of your hair and laughed once again 'You know it makes you irresistible to me.'

You blushed as he twirled a small strand around his finger.

'Kid, please.' He'd changed so much over the past year; his voice had deepened, his humour had changed, he'd become more romantic and, most of all, he'd fell madly in love with you.

You heard him pull something from his denim pocket and he walked around the chair to kneel in front of you.

You laughed as the bobble on the Santa hat he had on flicked in his face. He pushed it back, pouting and then he regained seriousness.

'_______, this has been the most wonderful year of my life. I've laughed, smiled and cried- all the while you were by my side. When I first met you, I was an idiot but I was attracted to you. Your beautiful [your e/c here] eyes, your [your h/c here] hair, _________ I love you so will you do me the honour of being one of the happiest men alive; will you be my wife?'

'Kid,' You reached your hand out to him and placed it on top of his, 'Of course I will, but...' You looked away, your hair masking your face as you blushed furiously.

Kid reached his hand towards your face and grasping your chin, he pulled your face so that your eyes were locked upon his.

'What _______?'

'I don't think I'm ready to have a kid just yet.' You smiled at him sweetly and, for the third time today, he laughed. He tapped the end of your nose, stuck his tongue out and spoke to you.

'You don't need to worry about that right now ________.' He pulled you over to him and play wrestled you.

After you had settled down together hugging, you began to watch 'The Nightmare before Christmas' together and drifted off. This was meant to last.
Hi guys! I actually wrote this last year andw never re-published it~ I hope you like it :D
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